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"The largest lagoon in the world" - New Caledonia is situated in the heart of the South Pacific, 1500km east of Australia. The main island is accompanied by the Loyalty Islands, Isle of Pines, Belep and a myriad of small islands. The barrier reef around New Caledonia stretches for over 1600km and encircles the main island, creating the world's largest lagoon (and one of the most beautiful).

Cooled by the Pacific Ocean and the trade winds, New Caledonia enjoys a sunny semi-tropical climate year round. The warm season, from September to March, has temperatures averaging between 25-27°C, with short occasional rains. The cool season, from April to August, has temperatures averaging between 20-23°C, but water temperature stays warm enough for swimming. January to March is the rainy season, while September to November is the dry season. New Caledonia has it all for diving! From its richness, size and quality of preservation, the New Caledonian lagoon is listed as a part of UNESCO's World Heritage Site Discover largely unexplored dive sites, from Noumea to Isle of Pines, Lifou, Ouvea... a paradise for diving and snorkelling! There are a number of dive operators based around New Caledonia and there are coral gardens, WWII wreck sites and some of the most prolific marine life in the South Pacific. Even if you’re not a PADI certified diver you can learn to dive and get certified while you’re there! And if diving isn’t quote there for you yet- then the snorkelling is just as amazing.

Even just in a few metres of water you’ll find rays, a diverse array of coral, colourful anemone’s with clown fish, schools of tropical reef fish, turtles and small harmless but inquisitive reef sharks.

If you haven’t snorkelled or dived New Caledonia you’re missing out!