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Surfing in Indonesia & Bali

Bali is the most popular surf travel destination. Bali, one of the Indonesian islands, has had exposure in the media and videos for many years now, with a whole industry to cater for surfers having developed. Basically, you can still just arrive in Bali find your way to Kuta, arrange cheap accommodation and hit the surf. Finding the more popular surf locations is not difficult and transport is easy to arrange.

For short stays, where time in the surf wants to be maximised, it is more cost effective to use a prearranged accommodation and flight package. The accommodation is of a higher standard, still well priced and all the hassles of finding your way around on arrival are removed. Known surf-breaks include Kuta reefs, Uluwatu, Padang-Padang, Airports lefts and rights plus many more.

However, if you want to surf the best break on the day we offer Surf Guides. These local guides know the island so well they can take you to the infamous breaks such as Uluwatu or other semi-secret secluded surf spots. Escape the hustle of Bali and surf the best break of the day.

Bali can also be used as a base to travel to a number of other islands. Nusa Lembongan is short boat trip from Bali. Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba and Java are also accessible from Bali by boat or flights.

We also offer Day Tours around the island of Bali. Visits to Mt Kintamani, the temples and monkey forests of Ubud, inland rice terraces, the tranquil north coasts and many more. A great chance to escape the hustle of Bali and really see the island. Or if you prefer explore the Kuta/Legian markets, early morning bartering will get you some great cheap bargains on clothes, pictures and trinkets.

From New Zealand, an Air NZ/Garuda Codeshare and Virgin Blue all offer very competitive fares and accommodation packages which also allow a stop in Australia. Other airline options are Qantas, Singapore Airlines and Malaysian airlines.

Culturally, Bali is unique. For the first time traveller aspects of Indonesia can be a culture shock. There is huge population on small islands and everything is to be bargained. In recent times the health risks have been greatly reduced, with bottled water now widely available and malaria has been controlled in the main tourist areas.

Good surf is available year-round with May to September the peak months for swell and off shore winds.