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Mahimahi Surf Resort - Simelue Island

The newest resort resort on Simelue Island- extremely uncrowded perfection!

10 nights from $3,059pp

Longer stays available. Please enquire about group rates and non-surfing partner rates.

Includes: return flights ex Auckland to Medan, meet & greet, return flights from Medan to Simelue Island, return transfers to the resort, 10 nights bungalow accommodation, all meals and transport around the island.

Located further north in the Northern Mentawai island chain- Simelue island is one of the last uncrowded areas around. Mahimahi Surf Resort is perfectly located on the island directly in front of a world class A frame break, and can access a half dozen more around the island. This pristine island is stunning with mountainous jungle and golden sand beaches with epic surf breaks! There are over six more secret spots in the vicinity ranging from easy beach breaks to hollow heavy barrels ... and with MINIMAL CROWDS!

After arriving in Medan, you're met by a resort representative and escorted to your domestic flight from Medan to Simelue island. From here its a short drive to the resort through some stunning scenery and beaches along the way.

There are five bungalows, each with traditional structures on the second storey, indoor-outdoor western style bathrooms, a spacious verandah, and relaxing living space. Each bungalow has a slightly different interior. There are comfortable, quality single and queen sized beds with mosquito net coverings.

Breakfast options include fresh fruit, muesli, fruit juice, coconuts and coconut milk, eggs, potatoes, banana pancakes, nasi goreng, baked beans, and fried tomatoes. Dinner and lunch options include Indonesian specialities such as chicken, fish, meat curries and vegetarian dishes ( Gado Gado, tempe, tofu, rice etc ) and western favourites like steak, pizza, spaghetti bolognaise, burgers and tacos. There is a full range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to choose from.

There are a number of communal areas for guests to enjoy. There is a large open area made from a traditional teakwood ‘Joglo’ equipped with dvd projector, stereo and comfortable sofas. There are a number of other outdoor dining options. There is a private terrace, bbq area and two level viewing tower that is directly in front of the peak.

The resort also proudly supports sustainable community and environment initiatives in the Simeulue and Banyak landscapes- The main one being the endangered sea turtle conservation programme in the neighbouring Bangkaru Island. Two sea turtle species (Green Turtle & Leatherback) that nest on Bangkaru Island are on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Although all sea turtle species are protected through legislation in Indonesia, poaching and trading of turtle eggs represents a major threat to sea turtle populations. Generating annual funding for regular beach patrols as part of a permanent conservation programme on Bangkaru Island is currently a major challenge with the programme frequently falling short of funding.

This area further north in the Mentawai island chain is unique, in the way it cops swells and weather conditions. The island receives swells from the north west all the way round to the large southern swells, so is very consistent. Its also located in the doldrums and more often than not there is no wind, so glassy conditions are the norm! Access to these breaks is either by car or by the resort charter boat.

The 12.5m live-a-board speed boat, outfitted with new engines, cruises at 25 knots, enabling small groups of up to 5 passengers to surf, dive and fish a variety of north Sumatran outer islands as quickly and easily as possible. Trips can be tailored to your needs from between 3-10 days. (extra cost)

The Peak is situated directly out the front of the resort and is visible from all the bungalows and main building. This wave is a swell magnet and holds from 2ft-10ft, can barrel on take off and reel all the way down the reef. A fantastic user friendly wave suitable for all levels of surfing.

The Secret Island is about an hours travel from the resort, and is situated on an untouched island with an amazing beach. The wave offers world class right hand barrels! When smaller, the wave has 3 take off zones, varying in difficulty. She's a swell magnet and offers rides up to 100m long!

The Beach offers excellent left and right hand peaks and barrels depending on the sand banks. Holds up to 5ft.

K-Hole is located 15mins away by speedboat. Its a world class heavy right hander that is 150m long and can barrel the whole way! Another swell magnet, she holds big swells too.

Tou Tou's is a 100m long left hander and starts off breaking over reef then onto sand. Holds up to 8ft and is great for all levels of surfer.

Dylan's is a fast perfect right hand wave that barrels and is alot of fun. Its located 20mins from the resort and holds up to 5ft.

PRICES ARE IN NZ$. Please note most of these prices are ex Auckland and subject to currency fluctuations, flight availability and dates of travel. High season surcharges may apply.