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Aloita Surf Resort - Mentawai Islands

9 nights from $2,409pp Surfer Rate
9 nights from $1,879pp Non-Surfer Rate

12 nights from $3,309pp Surfer Rate
12 nights from $2,619pp Non-Surfer Rate

Group discounted rates also available.

Includes: return overnight ferry transfers from Padang to resort, 7 or 10 nights air conditioned bungalow accommodation, all meals, water/hot drinks, meals, experienced english speaking surf/dive guide. Two surf sessions per day in the vicinity of Aloita, including Telescopes, Icelands, Arriks, Suicides, Twiggies, Scarecrows, Ulars, etc. OR, once weekly, one full-day session (minimum 4 guests) in The Playground area to the north, including Hideaways, Rifles, Nokandui, A Frames, 4 Bobs, Bankvaults, Ebay and more, or (2) “the Peninsula” to the south including HT’s (Lance’s Right), Lance’s Left, Bintangs, and Monkeys.

Aloita Resort & Spa is located on Silabok island, in the north Sipora Island area approximately 150 kilometres off the coast of mainland Sumatra, Indonesia. Aloita Resort & Spa is the most refined, classy and comfortable resort ever built in Indonesia's Mentawai Islands. Aloita Resort offers a smorgasbord of aquatic activities in crystal blue water right at your front door from surfing to diving to fishing. The surf shuttle will zip you twice daily to breaks right in their backyard such as the famous Telescopes lefthander and also up and down the coast to other waves such as HT's, Rifles and Nokandui's.

To help you unwind back on land they offer a full menu of treatments by experienced staff at the Mentawais only day spa. So, it’s a perfect place to take the non-surfing partner as well as the family. More than 70% of the waves in the Mentawais are accessible within an hour by speedboat from Aloita Resort. Right in their backyard only 10 minutes away are five well known consistent spots including Telescopes the world class lefthander which offers longer and straighter barrels than Macaronis when it is firing. Mellower waves are also close by including a fun learners wave right at the end of Aloita Beach. Their western surf guide will ensure you are always in the right place at the right time.

They have either standard room or family rooms. Each contain bathroom with shower, fully air conditioned, outside shower and private rear courtyard, front terrace with easy access to 1Km of private pristine white sand beach (min 2 adults and 2 kids). Meals are generous and range from seafood, Italian, Chinese and Indonesian cuisine.

Telescopes is one of the jewels in the Mentawai crown and a definite fave of the Aloita crew. A session at firing Teles will remain imprinted on your mind long after you've left the Mentawais. Teles get natural footers just as amped as goofys because it is so straight, clean and readable riding it backside. The barrel is dead straight and when you are two board lengths deep in it and have lost hope of getting out it will eject you onto the face. A super fun wave and also a great beginners wave as the reef is quite deep. - the closest wave to Aloita Resort- less than 10 minutes by speedboat.

Icelands: as with most of the other waves in the zone is a left and is possibly the most 'Jekyll and Hyde' like wave in the Ments. When everywhere in the chain is flat you can still pull up to Icelands and get a headhigh wave with a lazy but whackable wall. With a big west swell when everyone is getting excited about Telescopes the Ice turns into a monster with barrels big enough to drive the speedboat through. A not too hectic drop precedes a horseshoe section where the wave bends on itself and throws out a big thick barrel section which spits every time.

Scarecrows: another small swell left that holds size and another of fave of the Aloita crew. Scarecrows has the ability to spread out a crowd with its several different take off spots. The wave stands up only slightly before takeoff providing a mellow drop and a long workable wall before heading down into the section of the reef we call

The Curry Bowl and will deliver you a barrel as good as anywhere else in the Ments. The end of the reef contains some great Golden Trevally. Throw out a lure after your surf and you might catch dinner!

Jaraiks: On the rare occasions when the Ments goes dead flat this fun little left is a saving grace.

Playgrounds/Rifles is exactly what it means! Well over half a dozen breaks within a 10min boat ride. Check out our movies link for clip.

Macaronis - or "Maca's" - is a perfectly-shaped mechanical left-hand barrel that has been described by many as being the most high performance wave in existence.

Maca's Right is a long mellow wave with a couple of sections. The outside section is the best and safest option and is ideal for longboarders or those seeking a crowd-free alternative to Maca's Left

Hollow Trees (HTs or Lance's Right) is a fast, perfect, barreling right-hander, and is a dream wave for natural footers.

Lance's Left is a long, magnificent left-hander that is regarded as one of the most consistent and user-friendly breaks in the area.

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