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Surfing in the Solomon Islands

Situated just east of Papua New Guinea, it is continuously growing as an adventurous surf destination. New waves are regularly discovered, this a trip for those keen to explore uncharted waters.

A newcomer on the surf travel scene, the Solomon Islands has much in common with many of it’s South Pacific neighbours – excellent waves, a friendly and hospitable culture and crystal clear lagoons and spectacular coral reefs.

A scattered archipelago of about 1,000 mountainous islands and low-lying coral atolls, the Solomon Islands lie east of Papua New Guinea and northeast of Australia in the south Pacific. The islands include Guadalcanal, Malaita, Santa Isabel, San Cristóbal, Choiseul, New Georgia, and the Santa Cruz group. Perfect destination for those who want uncrowded surf to catch some perfect challenging waves!

The perfect time for a surfing holiday in the North Shore of Solomon islands is October to April, when the North Pacific awakens and surf breaks come alive. Long period ground swells regularly hit exposed north facing coast including Malaita, Ysabel and Makira. The same swells which hit the North Shore of Hawaii reach the Solomons some days later – at reduced size and very long period. Swell is usually 3 to 6 feet but can be bigger.

The Uncrowded surfs, crystal clear waters, colourful living reefs, incredible scenery, excellent fishing, tropical rainforest and tribal societies is some of the amazement of these beautiful islands. The beauty of the people and their traditional tribal culture and rich marine variety of plant and animal life add to the already attractive mix.

Be one of the lucky few people to visit places isolated and untouched by modern tourism elsewhere. No doubt you will find your own chunk of uncrowded surfing paradise at Solomon Islands.