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About Sri Lanka

Surfers, sightseers and families love this exotic island nation for its fun waves, great beaches and wealth of cultural attractions. Sri Lankans are very welcoming to overseas visitors, whether you want a relaxing beach holiday or a tour of the most famous sights.

An island nation with a diversity of cultures, Sri Lanka is sometimes described as the pearl earring hanging from the southern tip of India. Roughly 200km wide and 400km north to south, the terrain varies from idyllic beaches and lush tropical lowlands to steep highlands and a central plateau.

Consistent swells from the south Indian Ocean hit Sri Lanka, producing good fun waves all year round. The water is warm and the surf is not too powerful, so it’s a great place for a relaxed and affordable surfing holiday.

Sri Lanka has different surf seasons on its east and west coasts, so there’s always something working whenever your holiday. During the southwest monsoon, from May to October, the east coast gets the prevailing wind offshore. The northeast monsoon, from October to March, brings offshore winds to the southwest coast. Generally, the conditions are best in the morning.

East Coast: Sri Lanka’s east coast gets swell from the southern Indian Ocean, and is best from May to September when the prevailing wind is offshore every morning.