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Surfing Holidays

Surfing Holidays

Everything from those learning to surf, family & couples holidays to the hard-core surf trip. Surf camps, resorts and charter boats to get you the perfect beach, reef or point break.

Hi everyone,

Well summer definitely feels like it's over and lets face it - did it seriously ever begin? That should be more than enough to motivate you if you're fence-sitting and just considering a tropical holiday this winter.

We’ve just had a few groups return from the northern region of Indonesia and all the pics and comments are pouring back in of epic days with some occasional bigger days thrown in. It's definitely sounding a lot better than last year with regards to the surf and weather conditions.

We’ve got some pretty awesome deals on at present - some are exclusive to Island Holidays which can save you hundreds of dollars off the normal price. The last 12 months we’ve also been treating to some pretty sharp flight deals too with a lot of the airlines competing for business.

One of the fortunate things about Island Holidays and what we can offer is the access to wholesale airfares – which are cheaper airfares than what you would find say online or through other normal travel agencies. We deal and negotiate direct with operators and resorts for the best rates - for YOU.

We can also take care of the leg-work too, the time involved in researching holidays and the best way to get there, taking away the scepticism and un-easiness about what you're booking if you were doing it yourself.

As agents, there are certain things we can control and can't control (one of them being the surf conditions on your holiday!). One of the main things we strive for here in the office is try to meet or exceed client expectations ... to put ourselves in your shoes and take care of you the best we can.

So rest assured - your holidays are being planned by surfers, for surfers - (you!).

Our business is getting you the perfect break!

Handful of waves ...

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The Island Holidays team.