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About Tahiti

One of the most important things I feel I need to mention about surfing in Tahiti is that there are waves for ALL LEVELS OF SURFER. There are a handful of beach breaks and of course dozens of reef breaks as well. The beach breaks are perfect for learning to surf, and the reef breaks range from intermediate level to advanced.

The Society Islands have five main islands with Tahiti, Moorea and Huahine being the most popular surf destinations. Tahiti is becoming an increasingly popular surf destination because of its reputation for consistency and quality waves. Tahiti has a reputation for being expensive, however, good budget holidays are possible and the airfares to Tahiti can be quite reasonable. Most breaks are over coral and surf access is either with a long paddle or by boat - there are a couple of close beach breaks on the main island. It is a destination that is probably easier to travel to with others, allowing transport and accommodation costs to be shared. Transport between the islands can be either by plane or ferry. A new fast ferry service between Papeete and Huahine cuts down travel time by sea considerably.

Accommodation is available close to most of the surfing spots, particularly Huahine, Moorea and the south coast of Tahiti. A variety of accommodation is available on Moorea.

Tahiti is a year round surf destination with the South and North swells hitting all three main islands. Tahiti is an amazing place! The combination of the French and Tahitian cultures makes for a fantastic surf destination.